Purchase your King & Prince Re:Sense Tour goods with Neokyo

Hello Tiara! 

Today I come to speak to you with very good news! 

The Re:Sense goodies are now available on Neokyo but not only !

Neokyo has an Officially sanctioned arrangement with Johnny & Associates to enable overseas sales ! 

 To celebrate this, a 100% King & Prince campaign has been launched on Neokyo!

Our King & Prince - Re:Sense campaign 

The campaign will take place between June 26th (12:00 noon) and September 30th.

No commission + No Domestic Shipping fees offer

First of all, to celebrate the tour, we are offering a commission-free offer for all the goodies of the tour. There are 25 items in total ^^ if you buy all of them you save 6250 yen ^^

Then, with Neokyo, you will be able to enjoy No Domestic Shipping Fees Offer ! 

Other Neokyo bonuses :

  • Tiara stickers

For every package that includes a goodie from the Re:Sense campaign. You will receive a Bonus sticker! (Other visuals will arrive if those are out of stock)

Do you have a favorite design ? 

  • The King & Prince Postcard

In addition to the stickers, you will receive an exclusive postcard designed by Kalina a Taiwan Kinpuri Fan ! 

Don't hesitate to follow her work !

Her Twitter  Her Facebook Page  Her Pixiv

  • The Neokyo X King & Prince doujinshi

And yes! It's the bonus that I'm most looking forward to seeing finalized! 

The details will be shared later, but this short story of 4 or 5 pages will probably be available only in Digital version.

We will do a New Post as soon as we have more visual.

The surprise bonus! 

A little surprise is always good, isn't it? We tease you a bit but this one will be available only in limited quantities.

So what do you feel about it? 

Don't hesitate to give us your opinion on Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

To start your Kinpuri shopping, it's on Neokyo ! 


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