New Neonys visual !

Our special mascot Johnny's has the right to a new visual: Neonys in concert! 

It will be used as the next stickers for the campaigns that will come in October and November! 

You can also find him soon on our Instagram account and on Neokyo


If you haven't read it yet, we also advise you to find Neonys in our special Kinpuri doujinshi!

Giveaway : Snow Mania S1

Here we are on September 29th !

We celebrate the birthday of Kishi from King & Prince + the release of the 1st Snow Man album: Snow Mania S1 !!!

On the occasion of the release of the album, we propose you to try to win one of the versions of the album. Each version is hidden in a surprise package and will be accompanied by a small bonus 100% Japan.

End: 10/3 

Join the Giveaway :

You can also join the From The World to Johnny's Giveaway to vote for your favorite songs and try to win a Snow Man Calendar (I also manage it) : 

Fujiya's CM & Snow Man

Snow Man stars in Fujiya's new commercials "Fujiya LOOK Tanoshime Look! and "Fujiya Confectionery: Ingredients are Love" will be aired nationwide from September 14 (Tuesday).

Under the theme of "Smile Switch," Fujiya is currently running a joint promotion for its long-selling chocolate "Look" and "Cake (Western-style confectionery)," with Snow Man serving as the brand character for the promotion.

The new commercial "Fujika LOOK Tanoshime Look! In the commercial, the members of Snow Man shows that no matter what time of the day it is, whether you are enjoying a drive on your day off, relaxing at home, or getting pumped up before work, if you have a box of Fujiya's "LOOK " with a variety of flavors in it, it will instantly become a fun time. This is expressed by the members of Snow Man and "Rukkun Friends," who are characters of Rukkun.

In the "Fujiya Confectionary Store: Ingredients are love. In the "Ingredients are Love" episode, the members of Snow Man enjoy eating Fujiya's "cakes (Western sweets)" made with seasonal ingredients in various situations in their daily lives, such as birthdays, backstage before performances, and home parties on their days off. It is a collage of more than 20 scenes, including footage of the members shooting each other and taking selfies. In addition, Snow Man's new song "Delicious! is used in both commercials.

In the filming of the "Fujiya LOOK Tanoshime Look! The nine members of Snow Man were divided into three groups to create three scenes: #ゴーゴーwith LOO #ほのぼのwithLOOK #ドキドキwithLOOK

Of course, you can purchase your Fujiya LOOK with Neokyo : here.

Fujiya's CM : 15s 

Fujiya's CM : 30s 

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Discover our Snow Man campaign postcard design

As you already know, when you buy your goodies with Neokyo, in addition to taking advantage of our free commission offer, you will also receive Neokyo bonuses!

Among this bonus, you will receive a card illustrated by Dee

So what do you think of the design!  It's really cute isn't it? 

In addition to the Snow Man, you can find the blue tori symbol of Neokyo and Neonys: our mascot for Johnny's product sales campaigns! 

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